Mr. Gurbans Chatwal joins as a Member

Mr. Gurbans ChatwalMr. Gurbans Chatwal, Head Alliances, Mobilitas
Gurbans co-founded Mobilitas with an aspiration to create mobile application products that will have a significant social impact through sectors such as Healthcare and Education in India. Pursuing his passion to contribute to education, he also founded SARAL school that focuses on enhancing inter-disciplinary education in areas of Mathematics, Science and Technology for Middle and Secondary school students.

Before this he worked for ten (10) years in Capgemini as Vice President for Capgemini India. Entrepreneurial in nature, he has 21 years’ of industry and international experience and has lived, worked, and traveled extensively in India, US, and Europe. In his previous assignments, he was involved in Teaching and Research at University of Delhi, and IT Consulting with global IT companies.

At work and home, Gurbans has lived on principles of human dignity, empowerment, and growth. He reveres committed, creative, and fun loving people. Gurbans is a prolific reader, translating his learning and providing leadership to roll out organization wide initiatives. He has a Masters degree in Business Administration from IIT Delhi.

His passion away from work includes photography and running.

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