Mr. Chivukula Sree Rama Prabhu joins as a Member

Mr. Chivukula  Sree Rama PrabhuMr. Chivukula Sree Rama Prabhu, Deputy Director General (Scientist “G”), and Head of Group Incharge of Energy Sector at National Informatics Centre (NIC), Hqrs, New Delhi (Ministry of Communications and Information Technology)
He obtained his Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 1978 after a Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad in 1976. He has worked in various capacities at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), CMC, TES and TELCO (now Tata Motors) before joining NIC.

Current Assignment (2012)
As Deputy Director General (since 2004) in charge of new technology induction at the national level, he is steering the NIC Cloud Initiative of implementing Eucalyptus based IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Cloud overlapping PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) layers and has research publications in International Journals in this regard

Authored the eBharath2020 Vision document for proposed transformation of rural areas with the help of Information Technology.

Conceived, designed and being successfully implemented NOFN Applications – Gram Vikas – Smart Village Pilot project with Tele Medicine, Tele Veterinary, Tele Agriculture and Gram Bazaar to realize the Vision of eBharath2020 in the field at Pilot villages, as an extension of e-Panchayat previously designed and implemented.

Proposed a Plan for transformation of NIC with a Strategy Document: “Reengineering NIC” to enable NIC to lead NeGP.

He is engaged in the implementation of SOA (Service Oriented Approach) based e-Governance grid of India including virtualization and cloud computing, covering all State and District Centres of NIC.

Virtual Class Room (VCR) (2009)
He has conceptualized, developed and operationalized Virtual Class Room (VCR) based capacity building Programmes on a continuing basis for all NIC Staff for technical and managerial skill development throughout the country.

National Training Centre, Hyderabad (2008 onwards)
He is the Head of National Training Centre of NIC at Hyderabad, with a responsibility to induct new and emerging technologies into various Projects of NIC, through capacity building Programmes for NIC technical staff in all the States and District Centres, conducting 25 Training Programmes every year through Virtual Class Room (VCR).

National Data Centre (NDC), Hyderabad (2007-2008)
He had established the tier 2 National Data Centre of NIC, Hyderabad.

Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC), NIC, Hyderabad (2006-2007)
During 2006-2007 he was responsible for the operationlization of NIC’s Disaster Recovery (DR) Centre at Hyderabad.

International Faculty (Asian Productivity Organization, Tokyo) (2004)
He has been an international resource faculty for the Programmes of APO (Asian Productivity Organization) and represented India on the International Panel at Ventura 2004 held by APO at Osaka, Japan.

Asia IT Ministers Summit 2004
Organized Asia IT Ministers Summit at Hyderabad in January, 2004.

Computer Society of India (CSI) (2002-2004)
He was unanimously elected and had served as the Chairman of Computer Society of India (CSI), Hyderabad Chapter for two terms 2002-2003 and 2003-2004.

NIC, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad (2000-2006)
He was the State Informatics Officer (SIO) for Andhra Pradesh during the period 2000-2006. In Andhra Pradesh he was responsible for the successful implementation of a number of e-governance projects such as Collectorate 2000 and e-Panchayat. The e-Panchayat Project was conceived, initiated and implemented by him and is under operationalisation in 475 village panchayats in Andhra Pradesh.

NIC, Tamil Nadu, Chennai (1997-2000)
He was the State Informatics Officer (SIO) for Tamil Nadu State during 1997 to 1999, where he had coordinated various e-governance Projects as a generalised “Block Information System” and also “Taluka Information System”, which was the first version of kiosks under the “Tamil Nilam” Programme. He also organised a National Seminar on `Datawarehousing in Government’ in Chennai.

General Information Service Terminal – National Informatics Centre (GISTNIC), NIC, Hyderabad (1989-1997)
During 1989-97 he was the National Coordinator of GISTNIC (General Information Service Terminal, National Informatics Centre), and was responsible for the development and operationalization of a large number of public databases in areas such as tourism, education, economy, census, rural technologies and traditional sciences and technologies of India. GISTNIC kiosks were set up by him in all State capitals and also districts over NICNET, disseminating information to the Citizens in various subjects, as a forerunner to Internet kiosks.

NIC, Hyderabad (1986-1989)
During 1986-89 he was heading NIC, Hyderabad and was responsible for initiating and establishing all NIC activities at AP, including the district centres of NICNET, as per the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Andhra Pradesh Government under his coordination.

NIC, New Delhi (1986)
During 1986 at NIC, Hqrs., New Delhi, as Head of Division (HOD), he was responsible for the Computerisation of the Ministry of Programme Implementation for 20 Point Programme, Infrastructure Monitoring and Project Monitoring

Tata Motors, Pune (1982-1986)
Posted at Hughes Aircraft Corporation, Irvine, California, on various assignments in database application areas on Burroughs Mainframes (during 1982-83).

Head, responsible for Capital Budget and Assets Accounting System at Tata Motors, Pimpri, Pune.

University of Central Florida (1981-1982)
He has teaching and research experience at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA, Consultant to NASA Cape Canaveral. He has guided a large number of student research projects at masters level and has several papers to his credit.

CMC, Hyderabad (1979-1981)
At CMC (1979-81), he was a project leader with the responsibility for the development of design of a relational DBMS (RDBMS). While in USA, He was a consultant to Florida Savings and Loans, Orlando.

TCS, Bombay (1978-1979)
At TCS, Bombay (1978-79) he was Assistant Systems analyst and developed Library Information System.

Conferences Organized

  • Chairman of Programme Committee of 9th International Conference on Management of Data (COMAD 98) in 1998 at Hyderabad
  • Chairman, National Conference on “Data Warehousing in Government”, 1999, Chennai
  • Event Chairman of National Conference on Mobile Computing, held at Hyderabad in December, 2000.
  • Asia IT Ministers Summit 2004

Books Authored and Research Papers published in Computer Science and ICT:
He has authored many popular text books used in B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA and MBA in frontier areas of Computer Science and ICT:

  • Semantic Databases Systems: A Functional Introduction (Universities Press, 1992)
  • Object Oriented Database Systems : Approaches and Architectures (Prentice Hall India, 1998)
  • Datawarehousing Concepts, Methodologies, Products and Applications’ (Prentice Hall India, 2000)
  • Bluetooth Technology and its applications with Java & J2ME (Prentice Hall India, 2005)
  • e-Governance – Concepts and Case Studies (Prentice Hall India, 2005)
  • Grid and Cluster Computing (Prentice Hall India, 2008)
  • Knowledge Management (Prentice Hall India, under printing)

Important Research Papers published:

  • Prabhu CSR: “Revisiting NeGP: eBharath2020: the proposed future NeGP 2.0”, CSI Communications Journal, October 2011
  • Prabhu CSR et al, “Eucalyptus Cloud to remotely provision e-governance applications”, Journal of Computer Systems, Networks and Communications, 2011
  • Prabhu CSR & Reddy Bhaskara: “Object Knowledge Model (OKM), an Ontological Language with features of Natural Language Semantics for interoperability of Information Systems on the Semantic Web”, Page Nos. 32-35, International Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics & Informatics, July, 2010. IFSN 0973-4864
  • Prabhu CSR & Reddy Bhaskara: “Object Knowledge Model (OKM) for Semantic Description of Web Services in a Semantic e- Governance Grid”, Page Nos. 36-38, International Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics & Informatics, July, 2010. IFSN 0973-4864
  • Prabhu CSR & Reddy Bhaskara: Extending a semantic e-governance grid with OKM, a frame based knowledge representation framework for enabling semantic/ – knowledge search on the contents of the web pages”, Page Nos. 39-46, International Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics & Informatics, July, 2010. IFSN 0973-4864
  • Prabhu C.S.R. “Towards an e-governance grid of India”, 2008: “E-Government development and diffusion”, Information Science Reference, Sahu, Dwivedi and Veerakkodi, (editors), IGI Global, UK and USA, 2009. ISBN 978-160366713-3
  • Prabhu CSR, et al, A Methodology for High Availability of Data for Business Continuity Planning/ Disaster Recovery in a Grid using Replication in a Distributed Database, IEEE TENCON, 2008, Hyderabad, India
  • Prabhu CSR, “e-Governance Grid of India”, International Symposium on Grid Computing (ISGC), 2008, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

Conference Proceedings

  • Editor of the Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Management of Data
    (COMAD) (Tata McGraw Hill), 1998
  • Editor of Proceedings of National Conference on Mobile Computing held at Hyderabad
    in 2000 (Universities Press), 2000

Awards Received

  • Oracle e-Governance Excellence Award, 2006 for “Innovation with IT” and e-Panchayat.
  • Skoch Challenger Award, 2006 for e-Panchayat and “Rural e-Seva”.
  • Rashtriya Gaurav Award, 2009 for Lifetime Achievement.
  • Selected for International Gold Star Award, 2009.
  • CIO100 Award (2010) for agility in Cloud Computing.
  • Manthan Finalist Award, 2010 for GISTNIC.
  • Skoch Digital Inclusion Award, 2011 for Cloud Computing

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